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I now have long professional experience, which has contributed to me being asked to be a mentor on several occasions. Mentorship differs from both coaching, leadership and collegial interaction. A mentorship has a framework where the Mentor and Adept put together the conditions that apply in the relationship. Sometimes it can be a matter of having a specialist competence as a mentor that the student wants access to, but just as often it can be a matter of being able to talk freely about their work in a confidential conversation with someone with experience and can then have a conversation based on it. It is a conversation that very often ends with a challenge for the Adept to be able to try new ways forward. I have mostly been a Mentor for new/start-up entrepreneurs.

Volunteer work

The Mentor program Spira for Tjejzonen


To be able to contribute as a mentor within Tjejzonen, I attended their mentor training program, which was a mandatory external program before you could be accepted as a mentor for young women.

After that, a match was made with an Adept and the work started with regular meetings with a focus on support and being a female role model.


ALMI Mentor Program


As a mentor in ALMI's mentor program, you are matched with an Adept who you then follow, document different steps in the process and can be working together at various joint meetings during the program. The collaboration mostly took place during regular or digital meetings.

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