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Construction project


I have expanded my experience with construction projects, renovations, tenant issues and content in commercial houses.

All aspects of the content of houses, buildings, workplaces, or change work therein, was my everyday life for a project I worked with for 3,5 years. Then add team management and communication between different work stages to build and change new and existing houses. There are many complex levels to grasp and at the same time several different professional groups with their own interests to cope with.

I have had titles as Coordinator and Operations Manager, which is seen hierarchically as different responsibilities, but it is project management skills that are being used. Each project is unique and being able to see the assignment both from a Metaview and at a particles level as well as having ideas about the way forward, is one of my strengths.

Individual projects

I often get asked if I know someone who… and I often do!

Since I started working in the 80's, I have built on my black book of talented people in all possible industries. Stockholm is my base but I also have an international network that I can go out and ask which still happens regularly. When it comes to putting together good, professional, talented, and inspiring people with other like-minded people, then I get going. Many have built companies with precisely this cutting-edge expertise as a focus. I use it in all projects I am involved in.



Sometimes you get stuck. Stuck in the same thoughts and box, but do not know how to move forward, then I am usually asked. Here I am not talking about pure coaching but a concrete way of working to work forward, change sides, point of view, turn old habits upside down. It can be absolutely crucial for a company, team or manager to get new tools to use. I myself have been stuck in old patterns and know how frustrating it feels, then it is good that you can get in touch with an outsider who provides new tools and views.

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